Saturday, March 14, 2009

Arch Linux + Nvidia CUDA == awesomeness

I resume blogging after a long time and after moving the blog everywhere..I am back to blogger.

It has been a week without classes and among other things I have been working with, I tried my hand at figuring out how to work with Nvidia CUDA. The supported ubuntu 8.04 was a major blow. Installation on ARCH linux was a breeze. Ended up setting up a pseudo cluster with 2 nodes and 2 kick a** GPUs.

1) Install Archlinux
2) Install nvidia drivers in the repo ( Which are new unlike ubuntu)
3) Install CUDA with yaourt
4) Install Open MPI with yaourt
5) NFS mount the dir on the other machine
6) Enable key based login on ssh and do a ssh-keygen in your home ( Note the NFS mounting before)
7) cat .ssh/ > .ssh/authorized_keys
8) Done :)